We are so excited to have added our wide variety of scarf and wrap magnets to our website!  Our scarf and wrap magnets allow you to wear your scarf or wrap without having to keep fixing its placement or tying a big cumbersome knot under your chin – without having to put a hole in your beautiful fabrics! They also add style with their pretty, yet subtle designs.  It is so simple, yet so practical!  The magnets are very strong, handling any fabric put to the test, and even several folds of fabric.  You can even use it to “pin” your scarf or wrap in a particular position on your coat or clothing.  There are styles for everyone, from simple and subtle to intricate and elaborate.  Free up your hands, and stop letting your scarf or wrap fall off your shoulders! There is a simple solution that just so happens to add style as well!  Why not try them out for yourself?

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