Spring Street Boutique has just hung our first exhibition of 2018: “Modern in the Abstract,” prints and originals by Jack Graves! The exhibition will be on view throughout January.  We are hosting an opening reception on Friday, January 5, from 6-8pm.  Stop by, meet Jack, see beautiful art, and warm up with some hot mulled cider!

About the artist: 

Jack Graves is an American artist, born in 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida.  From and early age Jack has developed a talent for creating unique and original works of art. Winning departmental awards during his early primary education, and while studying at home and abroad at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and at Newcastle University in England.

Over the past several years Jack has been painting professionally, developing a wide audience and base of collectors worldwide. In 2014 he was recognized by the critical review, “Internationale KUNST HEUTE”. Today his paintings are
featured in numerous galleries, on “1st dibs” and “The Highboy”, two international digital fine art platforms, as well as his own website: jackgravesiii.com.

Jack describes his art style as “Eclecticism”, “a work that juxtaposes two or more different art styles, one from the past and new ones I develop for the future.” This approach has evolved, culminating in a completely new series of paintings he calls the “Icon Series”. In this series he incorporates an idealized, almost photo-realistic face of an international super-star model or celebrity, an “Icon”, within a matrix of an otherwise totally abstract expressionist composition, which makes the iconic image dazzle. The new “Icon Series” has been met with tremendous success with designers, galleries and fine art collectors from Hong Kong to Manhattan, selling over 40 works in a matter of months of its debut.

Artist Statement: 

“I am dedicated to creating organic, highly disciplined, emotionally and intellectually engaging visual art.

Adapting my work from the ancient origins of the visual arts language and pure design, I began producing art with these concepts in mind discovering the ways to convey art are infinite.


As my work evolved, I began to incorporate photo-realistic elements and color experimenting with how they work together. The result of this ebb and flow of “pure” design, now incorporated with classic iconic forms and color, has led to my creation of a new and unique visual lexicon, silent yet powerful, hauntingly sublime.

I believe this entirely new and original conceptualization and approach to creating fine art opens the door for a completely new and fertile art movement.”

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