This month, we are pleased to be showcasing the work of Abby Ober. Abby Ober is a plein air and studio painter, and her exhibition, “Land and Sea,” showcases some of her lovely outdoor scenes of Greece, Paris, and New Mexico. Featuring rich colors and bold brushstrokes, Ober’s paintings depict lush, beautifully lit scenes of both man-made and natural features. The fact that her scenes hail from far and wide makes sense; travel comes naturally to Ober, since she grew up traveling around the world as the daughter of a US diplomat. According to her site,

“She studied the fine arts in college and furthered her study in graphic design at the Corcoran College
of Art in Washington DC. During this time, she also created large decorative canvas floor coverings for
private collectors.  After spending 10 years in advertising design in Washington DC, she moved to the Philadelphia area and returned to her love of painting, teaching and studying with various recognized artists. She has competed in several plein air competition and exhibited in various PA exhibitions. In December 2018, Abby moved to St. Michaels, MD on the Chesapeake Bay to continue her painting journey. She teaches various painting and drawing classes in the area and in her St. Michaels studio.”

I am dedicated to painting simple still lifes, quiet landscapes, and home portraits. capturing the distinctive
light and patterns of color that surround each subject. A lover of nature, painting “plein air” has become a transformative experience for me. I am inspired by such artists as Hopper, Turner, Diebenkorn, and Fairfield Porter but am mostly inspired by the dynamics of the creative process and the challenge of interpreting a scene.

“Land and Sea,” will be on display at Spring Street until Friday, May 31st, 2019. Please join us later in the month when Abby will be in the store to paint with us.

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