Spring Street’s January exhibition features the vibrant photography of Rob Myers, in a series titled “From Alberta to Victoria.” Rob Myers is a semi-retired investment adviser who, in addition to helping high school students learn personal finance, enjoys travel and photography. We sat down with Rob for a chat about his journey across Western Canada. 

Myers said his inspiration for the series came from the fact that he and his friend Jerry “try to go on a trip to somewhere new and different every year, and I’ve been thinking for a while about about seeing the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian Rockies.” The eight-day journey started in the US, and covered 1900 miles of the Canadian West. “We actually started in Seattle,” he says, before heading to Victoria to photograph Canadian landmarks such as the Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver Island and Vancouver City, and Olympic National Park. From there, he crossed a long stretch of Victoria to reach the Canadian Rockies in Alberta. Jasper National Park and Banff National Park contain a slew of gigantic glaciers, stunning blue-green glacial lakes, towering waterfalls, and mountain scenery that were perfect for photographing. For Myers, the jewel-toned glacial lakes were some of the most breathtaking landmarks on the trip. From Alberta, Myers “took a side trip back into British Columbia, to Yoho National Park,” and Waterton Lakes National Park, in Southern Alberta.

Though the photographs featured in the series showcase stunning views of earth, sea, and sky, the environment wasn’t always cooperative. Myers says that  Waterton Lakes National Park, “unfortunately had a big forest fire, so 2/3 of the park was closed, because they still hadn’t restored the infrastructure.” In addition, in Montana’s Glacier National Park, visibility was low because of the California fires. “There was a haze over both Waterton Lake and Glacier, so as pretty as Glacier was, it was all in a haze….so I eliminated the pictures from there and just made it strictly the canadian side of the trip.” Fortunately, the Canadian landscape offered enough material to make a complete series, featuring a wide array of natural beauty. 

Myers says he learned from the trip, as well. “I learned how much you can accomplish in eight days if you’re focused,” he says.

 “In eight days we went to six national parks, four in canada and two in the US, and put 1900 miles on the car. 

Jerry: “—and we hiked in most of ‘em”

“and we did some kinda hiking every day, the first and last day just around the airports, but….we hiked in every one of those airports, at least some.”

Myers plans to do more photography series in the future, including the canyon lands of the American Southwest. 

“From Alberta to Victoria” is on view at Spring Street Boutique until January 31st, 2019.

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